League Rules

iGolf72 League Rules are as follows:

  • Teams comprise twosomes or foursomes depending on League type
  • Tournament rounds can be booked online, in-person, or over the phone anytime between Monday – Friday.
  • Each team members’ score is added to determine a total team score for that round. Scores for each team member in every round are added, and the lowest Total Team score wins 1st place.
    For example: Tiger & Phil play against Sergio & Rorey In the 1st round, Tiger scores 66, Phil 65, and Sergio scores 71, Rory 64. The total scores for the 1st round are: Tiger & Phil 65 +66 = 131, Sergio & Rory = 135, The next 3 rounds both teams score the same as the 1st round. Tiger and Phil would win with a total score of 131 +131 +131 +131 = 524 versus 135 +135 +135 +135= 540. In this scenario Tiger & Phil are 1st place winners of the League.
  • Ties will be resolved by hole by hole tiebreaker (held maximum 1 day after league ends)- lowest score deemed winner
  • Team members that are no-shows are penalized with a maximum score for that round. Maximum scores are based on the course played, and determined by iGolf72 league official.
  • iGolf72 officials attest all scores posted, and answer any rule concern, as well as declare the official contest winner
  • League comprises 4, 18 hole rounds with no handicaps FOR 4 WEEKS.
  • Each team members score is added to define the team’s total score on each course.
  • Teams must complete course/round (at the same time) using own clubs within time limits:
  • 2.0 hr – Twosomes
    2.5 hr – Foursomes

  • Official scores are posted on the iGolf72 website at the conclusion of each round
  • Prizes may be provided at the conclusion of the event for 1st place Winners.

    Leagues are a great way to meet new people, create a team and enjoy weather-proof competitive golf year-round. Four (4) weeks of friendly competition against your peers on breathtaking courses boasting challenging layouts lead to impressive outcomes on your home course.